If you’re familiar with the widely successful cement business, Seament, then ySeament_pic2ou’ve undoubtedly heard about Charles Bouri, the son of Seament’s founder, Alexander F. Bouri. After earning his degree in Business Administration from Richmond University in the UK, Charles Bouri went on to become not just a general manager of Seabulk and employee of Seament and many of their other divisions, but an inspiring leader. He has proven to possess the skills that all successful leaders have, including the three listed here:

1.  The desire to learn. Successful leaders aren’t simply born great. They have to be trained in their skills and learn from the best. Charles Bouri was no exception. Being the son of Alexander F. Bouri, Charles Bouri was taught all of the ins and outs of Seament, the business he’d go on to be the general manager for. More importantly, Charles Bouri was exposed to strong leadership from an early age as he watched his father. It’s safe to say that Charles Bouri successfully followed in his father’s footsteps.

2.  The desire to do good in the world. Charles Bouri isn’t just a businessman; he’s a philanthropist, too. The best leaders are those who wish to use their skills and success to do good in the world. As an employee at Seament, Charles Bouri has shipped out millions of metric tons of cement to developing countries, which has helped to give them an advantage and access to modern prosperity. The desire to do good in the world speaks volumes for businessmen – it shows that they are strong leaders both within and outside of their respected companies.

3.  They are innovative. A good worker may do what they are told, perform their job well, and stick to the general routine of things. However, a successful leader goes above and beyond. They are creative and willing to think outside the box, and Charles Bouri is the perfect example of an innovative, successful leader. Seament isn’t just your typical cement company. Seament’s distribution of quality bulk materials and their expertise in all areas of bulk handling, shipping, and terminal management has made them leaders in the cement industry and has helped to revolutionize the business. Through strong leaders within the company like Charles Bouri, they have created new methods to ensure efficiency, responsibility, and competitive pricing.

There are many positive traits that can be found in successful business leaders, and while they may vary by industry, personality, and skill set, they all have these three basic traits.