Charles Bouri has helped turn Seament into a world leading business, but that success didn’t come easily. Here are four of Charles Bouri’s best tips on how to lead a business to success:Charles Bouri

  1. Be clear.
    Most of us who run businesses have big ideas—usually too many big ideas than we’ll ever be able to accomplish in a lifetime. We’re always thinking of possible products, possible businesses, and ways to make things more efficient, ways to grow and expand. To dream and create is what it means to be a founder of a business. But just because we see our own vision so clearly does not mean that those around us do (including employees). Never assume that everyone on your team understands the big picture in your head. Communicate your ideas over and over, with clear indications like benchmarks, short term goals, and the long term outcomes you’re after. And talk to staff or project managers regularly to gauge how well they understand these goals and their part in them, and how well they are moving toward them as a team. The clearer you can be in what you expect, the better your team can perform.
  2. Nab and nurture.
    Getting great staff is what it’s all about, right? From that genius creative to the high-performing salesperson to the most experienced manager in your field, we all want staff working on our team who are above and beyond. But just finding and hiring these high-performers is not enough. Once you find those hires that make you extra excited, you also need to nurture them along the way. That means several things: giving them challenges that are worthy of their talents, giving them the support and guidance they need to tackle those challenges, and listening to their ideas for improving a project. Perhaps most of all, it means giving them rewards as they succeed—not just bonuses or raises, but increased responsibility so they continue to feel challenged and valued.
  3. Share the stakes.
    What does it mean to be part of a team under a great leader? It doesn’t just mean that each team member knows their role and does it. It means they know what bigger picture that role fits into, why the work is important, and what the stakes are. What is it that gets you excited about your company’s latest product or project? Whatever it is, make sure your staff know about it and that your excitement is infectious.
  4. Then share the victory.
    If your whole team feels like they are part of something that matters, then they should feel like part of its success as well. Celebrate victories, thank staff members, and make sure every individual knows that their contributions mattered.

It’s important that leaders like Charles Bouri understand their role in the company’s success and the value they hold in communicating with employees. By following the above tips, you can ensure you’re a leader within your own organization.