The New Year is here, and it’s time to look to the future and get your business ready. After all, resolutions aren’t just for individuals. Maybe there’s a specific goal that you want your company to achieve or perhaps you just want to have a good year. So how are you going to succeed in 2015? Charles Bouri has learned many lessons about business over the years. Here are his dos and don’ts for 2015:

1.  Don’t give in to the technology gimmes – Technology absolutely plays a critical role in today’s economy, from your web presence to the latest manufacturing processes. However, we hear a lot about technology—every week brings a new doodad that you absolutely need to have, or a new social media platform that you have to use or you’ll become obscure. Take the time to inform yourself about new tech trends, but don’t feel that you have to utilize every single one. It’s better to choose a few high-value tech investments, whether that’s a social media strategy or a new inventory management system, and focus your full attention on them. That way, you can use them successfully and get your full ROI rather than scattering your resources across dozens of unsuccessful tech lunges.

2.  Do create content – Bearing in mind what we said above, if there’s one area of digital strategy that every business should focus on in 2015 it’s creating high-quality content online. The content on your website does a lot more than just flesh out your blog, it impacts your SEO to allow more potential customers to find you, and it helps establish you as an authority and resource in your industry. It is a crucial intermediate step that helps turn casual Internet traffic into customers.

3.  Don’t fall behind your industry – Every business owner or leader should take time once a week to brush up on news from across their industry. This can include the blogs of competitors, new business technology, and news stories of all kinds. You don’t necessarily have to act on any of this information right away but, by staying knowledgeable about the state of your industry, you will be able to connect dots and guide strategy more easily.

4.  Do be a connector – No matter what your industry, help people connect whenever you can. Most people go to “networking” events mainly to get contacts or customers for themselves, but there can be far more value in helping other people to make the contacts they need. This puts you in the position of being a resource or guide to others, and they will be grateful for it. No one has ever lost out by connecting others.

What other business tips do you have for the New Year?